At the beginning of the 1900 professor Giuseppe Cosenza of the Naples University affirmed that between 1760 and 1763 the building was completely remade after a Vanvitelli plan. On the other hand some people claim that, being the Mansion of the end of the 1600 and given its architectonic features, the restructure was made after a plan of architect Ferdinando Sanfelice.

The general plant of the Mansion is that of a stronghold ,perhaps to defend onself from the brigands that raged particularly in the rural areas .

The façade is very solid with only two main white stone Baroque doors: one opens onto the entrance hall, the other introduce into the Palatine Chapel and it has a trilobite lunette where there is engraved the year of the remaking:1763.

The side-turret, where once upon a time the loop-holes for the riflemen opened, eases the late Baroque style of these main doors.

In the end the planimetry and the masonry analysis can be a proof of a starting rectangular block that was enlarged by successive works , whose artistic quality is of minor value, to realize the present irregular plan.

The Mansion develops on two levels: the ground floor and the first floor.