From the architectonic style the building, as it is now, dates back to the XVII century. Its history and that of Paterno are the same. As far back as the Middle Ages important baronial families have had its ownership: Filippo Budetta nobleman, Pandone family whose heir Cornelia give it to baron Scipione Villano as dowry and then the daughter of baron Villano, Dorotea, give it to nobleman Don Carlo Guerraro on marriage settlement.

In 1701 the barons Negri of Spiano bought the feud and the Mansion. They went on with the remaking and reinforced the structure of the building. In 1843 the heir of the barons Negri married Domenico De Conciliis, baron of Torchiara and of Copersito. The feud belonged to baron De Conciliis until last century, when the heirs sold the Feud and the Mansion, dividing all the property.