he estate has been restructured recently and it is offered for management by the owner.


The Mansion De Conciliis (now Caliendo Estate)is nearly at the centre of the feud of Paterno. It is one of the most important architectonic structures of Sarno Valley and it is one of the many Villas with an agricultural and a residential role and of an enormous artistic quality in the process of an increase in value.

The feud ,renowned in past times for the output of hazel-nuts ,chestnuts ,oils and a very good wine ,included, all the possessions from the S.Apollinaire hill as far as the areas called “La Taverna di Lanzara,”Il poggio Saccopaglia”,”Le Colletelle”,the big “Selva di Paterno”,”La Selva del Lavatoio”,the famous”Petraie di Paterno”known troughout the 18th century as “del Giordano”,”Le Tufare”,the fertile tableland popularly called “n’copp o’chian”and the village of Trivio with the “Taverna Nova”.